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“Ms. Vlock’s status as an architect is a natural evolution of her life-long engagement with the arts and as an art-maker. She has the intellectual and aesthetic skills to create a landmark sculpture that will promote, reflect, and enhance the public realm…like no one else.”

– Linda Friedlaender, Head of Education, Yale Center for British Art

Boutique hotels, inns, spas, resorts, and wineries commission the work of Studio Vlock to create one-of-a-kind installations. 

The sculptural works fulfill contemporary architecture's need for bespoke environments that invite social gatherings, quiet reflection, and visual delight.  Selected commissions include corten steel gates, decorative fire screens, and fireballs – custom repurposed steel sphere fire pits.

Fireballs – wood burning or propane – may be available for rental. For more information, please get in touch with Studio Vlock.