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Studio Vlock’s environmental awareness encourages the use of natural materials and their ability to change and evolve with time and the weather.



In its unfinished state, steel rusts and weathers through oxidation. This won’t affect the structural integrity or durability of the piece. As a re-purposed object, weathering enhances the aesthetic of the artwork.

Bright Sanded

Grinding the surface removes marine paint or rust, revealing a raw steel luster, which is then hand-rubbed with industrial wax to maintain this gorgeous finish.

Blackened Patina

Hand-rubbed, patinated finish creates a rich, burnished look and a more refined appearance.

Marine-Grade Paint

To maintain its appearance, industrial marine-grade paint is applied to the interior and exterior surfaces. Classic colors are available. An excellent choice for extreme weather conditions.

Powder Coat

A durable powder coat finish will not chip easily or get that ‘chalky’ appearance over time. It is a certified, architectural-grade finish. Color options are infinite.


Corten Steel

Corten, or “weathering steel,” eliminates the need for painting and forms a stable rust-like appearance after several years of exposure to weather, making it highly sustainable. 

Mild Steel

Mild steel has a superior surface finish but will rust in its natural state over time, especially in a coastal environment. If natural weathering is not preferred, mild steel can be marine-grade painted to maintain consistent color and protect it from rust and corrosion.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and will maintain its bright luster. 


Both Fireballs and Fire Screens are designed for wood burning, propane, or natural gas. Studio Vlock does not provide propane or gas burner assemblies; however, we can suggest guidelines and specifications. 


Available in three sizes: 58", 40", and 28" diameter – designed for wood burning, propane or natural gas.


Each Tri-fold Screen is three-sided and hinged to invite a flexible arrangement of shapes, closed or open, easily changed and reconfigured. Fabricated out of high-grade stainless steel, these pieces may be enjoyed inside or outside. 

Tri-fold Table Screens come in standard sizes or any size to meet your specifications.

Standard Sizes:

  • 6” x 9”
  • 10” x 5”
  • 11” x 9”


Function of the Fire Screen

  • Each Fire Screen is either custom fit and secured or designed to be free-standing.
  • Gas or Propane fireplaces typically have a single-panel design
  • For wood-burning fireplaces, doors are operable for cleaning out, loading, and stacking wood


  • To bring out the sheen or remove fingerprints or rust, use Mothers brand Pure Brazilian Carnuba Wax.

Material and Finish Notes

  • The material used for the exterior frame and image panels is cold-rolled steel to achieve a superior surface finish.
  • The image panels may have a patinated or bright sanded finish.
  • The interior frame for the mesh screen is stainless steel treated with high-temperature auto paint on the mesh screen so it won't burn.
  • A patinated finish is applied to the exterior frame and door frames using acid black oxide. This process involves grinding off mill scale, then using scotch bright on the surface and applying acid oxide The acid is rubbed on with scotch bright to achieve the desired color and density and then neutralized with water.
  • An anti-seize lubricant is used on the screws securing the frame to the lintel and mesh screen to the frame to ensure easier disassembly if required.
  • For wood-burning fireplaces, the stainless steel frame inside is designed with a spacer to hide the bolts, making it easier to change out the mesh screen (if ever) and replace if needed.


Mesh Panel

  • The mesh screen is stainless steel, finished with high-temperature auto paint, so it won't burn. The stainless steel frame inside is designed with a spacer to hide the bolts, making it easier to change out the mesh screen (if ever) and replace it if needed.

Glass Panel

  • For fireplace glass panels, we use a heat­ resistant glass ceramic such as NeoCeram, which is recommended for use as fireplace glass doors. It can handle temperatures well into 1,200° Fahrenheit, or 3x the heat resistance of tempered glass, and is also more resistant to rapid heating and cooling. NeoCeram will not fog up in these instances of extreme heat and does not need to breathe like regular tempered fireplace glass.


Studio Vlock provides crating and coordinates transport to any location worldwide.


As fine art, each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity for collector documentation and insurance purposes.