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The Ruin Venue

Joshua Tree, CA

The high desert environment of Southern California is a surreal and immense landscape of sculpted rock, populated by strange and iconic Joshua Trees. The early morning chill did not discourage an unchartered hike with a sketchbook in hand.

In this stark landscape, the careful observer will encounter colorful cactus flowers and spiny cat's claws, busy hummingbirds, and soaring eagles. One can only imagine other creatures that call this place home: jack rabbits and road runners, snakes and lizards—a bright sun hanging in the endless blue sky, a star-studded canopy at night.

The Lighting of the Desert Dreams Fireball

Friends and neighbors of the Pioneertown community gathered for the inaugural lighting of the 'Desert Dreams' Fireball at The Ruin Venue, an enchanting event space in the high desert of Joshua Tree. It was a magical evening under the stars for sharing excellent food, wine, dancing, and even impromptu a cappella by one of the many talented and fascinating guests. The 'Desert Dreams' Fireball at The Ruin feels remarkably connected; both have been re-purposed and re-imagined to unite people for contemplation and celebration.

"The 'Desert Dreams' Fireball has become the signature feature at The Ruin –
captivating guests at countless weddings, celebrations, special events, and photo shoots."

— Paul Goff, Owner