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Elevating the mundane into the magical, the Fireballs made from repurposed vintage steel mooring buoys create a contemporary campfire. Vlock uses sustainable materials as a signature design element in her work.

Fireballs capture an authentic sense of place. Their stories connect people to unique cultures, locations, and memorable moments. As a focal point, Fireballs delightfully transform outdoor spaces into intimate areas - home, spa, destination - and create a remarkable atmosphere for social gatherings.

Handcut out of its steel shell, Vlock’s imagery, inspired by nature, emphasizes transparency during the day and creates an alluring centerpiece to any gathering when lit at night. 


Material: Repurposed steel mooring buoy
Finishes: Natural weather, marine grade paint
Dimensions: Available in three sizes 58”, 40”, and 28” diameter
Use Options: Designed for wood burning, propane, or natural gas
Customizations: Imagery may be customized

Additional information on materials and finishes here