Stars & Stripes

As a commercial installation for a new upscale dining and retail development, this 58” diameter Fireball celebrates a unique moment in American history. The Bridgewater History Wall commemorates these events:

“On April 4th 1749, a Royal Charter was signed creating Bridgewater Township on behalf of King George II of England. George Washington and his army were encamped along the Middle Brook in the Watchung Mountains in June 1777, when Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes to be the official flag of the United States of America, thus originating Bridgewater’s claim to be the place where the flag first flew.”

Propane burning and powder coated to a classic barn red color, the imagery features the original flag with its 13 stars, in an explosion of fireworks that mark the year 1777; a bald eagle rises above a field of maize, all set in an historical landscape of dairy farms and horse pastures, surrounded by the Watchung Mountain range. 

The ‘Stars and Stripes’ Fireball is designed to engage visitors to the colorful history of Bridgewater Township and the pride of place the community enjoys.

Specifications: The ‘Stars and Stripes’ Fireball is 58" in diameter and designed to accommodate a propane burner assembly. It has a powder coat finish to be highly durable and maintain its color.