'Fireballs' are Studio Vlock’s custom designed fire pits. Fireballs elevate the mundane fire pit and fire pit landscaping into a magical contemporary campfire. Contemporary architectural design and Functional Fine Art using sustainable materials are the signature elements of Studio Vlock.

Artist and architect, Sandra Vlock, repurposes antique and vintage steel mooring buoys into extraordinary hand-crafted metal sphere fire pits.

Fireballs are designed to capture an authentic sense of place; their stories connect people to unique cultures, locations, and special moments.

Fireballs delightfully transform outdoor spaces into intimate places - home, spa, destination resort or private retreat. Each metal sphere fire pit installation defines remarkable social atmospheres. Vlock’s imagery is intricate and flowing; inspired by nature. The designs which are plasma-cut into 1/4 inch thick steel, glow when lit at night and emphasize transparency during the day.

Fireballs are available in three sizes: 58", 40", and 28" diameter – designed for wood burning, propane or natural gas.