Sandra Vlock

Transforming everyday objects and spaces into extraordinary experiences;  creating a magnet that invites participation and engagement . . .

Sandra Vlock, artist in residence Joshua Tree, CA

'Desert Dream' Fireball at The Ruin Venue, Joshua Tree, CA

 Mooring Fireballs by Sandra Vlock
Photography @EdwinaStevenson 2015

As an architect and now as an artist, my focus is to engage people in a shared experience, capture an authentic sense of place, and create environments that are both functional and beautiful.  I view the functional fine art offered through my newest venture, Studio Vlock, as a natural evolution of that vision; one that enables me to design pieces that inspire memorable experiences and create unique environments for social gathering, quiet reflection, and visual delight.

Studio Vlock began when I acquired two 58" diameter antique mooring buoys with the intent to repurpose them as fire sculptures. These weatherworn orbs with their hulking shackles were initially intimidating to me! I saw them as iconic ancient mariners with their own powerful stories to tell and I was reluctant to impose my own story on them. But I eventually did.  

Repurposed objects and other sustainable materials have now become my canvas. Each piece tells a story—real or imagined—that is inspired by nature and shared experience. Fireballs are re-imagined steel mooring buoys; an object that once anchored boats now serves as an anchor  for communal gatherings, transforming outdoor spaces into intimate places. Fireplace screens are elevated from the mundane to the magical; creating a focal point and conversation piece. Gates & Screens, as architectural elements, enliven and engage the landscape; capturing the imagination.This creative journey fully animates my work.

What excites me is transforming everyday objects and spaces into extraordinary experiences; creating a magnet that invites participation and engagement. 


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