Secret Garden Screen

One of my favorite childhood books, “The Secret Garden” shaped how I view the natural world around me and began a life-long love of illustration and narrative.

This “Secret Garden” screen is an intriguing world within worlds. Anchored by the sun and moon, a majestic oak tree stretches out its limbs to a canopy of stars, embracing a complex landscape of fauna and flora. This architectural element defines space and adds to the ambience of its garden setting.

Using light as formgiver, garden screen installations create their own shadow world, extending imagery into the space beyond the frame. The shadows are mirrored with a lace-like filigree on any surface: stone terraces, pebbled patios, grassy lawns or beach sand.

The large scale of this ellipse shaped garden screen – 15 feet long and weighing in at nearly 1,000 pounds – allows it to be self-supporting. Using half-inch steel plate, the piece has a satisfying dimensionality.
Other material options include corten or stainless steel.