Ritz-Carlton Reserve

Caroline Bay Marina, Bermuda

Opened in March 2017, Caroline Bay is a first-of-its-kind hotel, residence, and marina project on nearly 200 acres of the island’s southwestern tip. The Marina is the crown jewel of the Ritz-Carlton Reserve development, an ultra-luxury resort and only the fifth of its kind in the world. 

As Functional Fine Art, Studio Vlock’s ‘Turtle Play’ Fireball installation welcomes guests to the terrace perched above the Caroline Bay Marina, a super yacht marina overlooking the Great Sound of Bermuda, and host site to the 35th America’s Cup in 2017.

The imagery for the ‘Turtle Play’ metal fire pit design captures the underwater habitat of the sea turtles who call this place home. Feeding on the abundant sea grass beds of Bermuda, these marvelous creatures frolic in a water garden paradise shared by sea horses, sand dollars and jelly fish.

Specifications: The Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Bermuda ‘Turtle Play’ Fireball is 40" diameter and propane-fired with a red marine-grade paint finish.