Dance of the Longtail

The ‘Dance of the Longtail’ Fireball is a newly commissioned piece by a Bermudian family for their new home on Tucker’s Town Peninsula (Bermuda’s main island), overlooking the brilliant blue ocean waters of the Atlantic. This white tail tropical sea bird is native to Bermuda and a national symbol. First sightings of the Longtail announce the arrival of spring and is a beautiful resident of its coastal cliffs in summer months. Hibiscus with their trumpet shaped flowers adorn the base of this piece. The ‘Fireball’ is a focal point for family and friends to gather.

Inspiration: The client and her husband, a passionate photographer, provided several photographs of the majestic Longtail in flight which was to be a central image on their Fireball. The Longtail motif was also important since this majestic bird mates for life. I found inspiration from Matisse’s 'Dance' painting. The choreography of these playful dancers easily translated to the dance of the Longtail birds.

Specifications: ‘Dance of the Longtail’ is a 40" diameter metal sphere fire pit. The client selected a wood-burning Fireball with a bright sanded finish accomplished by grinding the surface which removes marine paint or rust, revealing a natural steel luster. It is hand rubbed with industrial wax to maintain this brilliant finish.