Castle Point

Tucker's Town, Bermuda

Fireplace screens connect to a life outdoors

The ‘Turtle Play’ fireplace screens were commissioned for a newly designed Bermudian home where two classic white stucco fireplaces create the bookends to the Great Room. The two screens offer different but complementary designs; featuring playful turtles, jelly fish, sea horses, and sand dollars.

Actually, two sets of fireplace screens were commissioned using the same design templates but modified to accommodate both propane and wood burning use. 

The first set of fireplace screens are for propane burning. This allowed for a simple self supporting steel frame where the design fit neatly inside the opening. 

The second set of fireplace screens are for wood-burning. Here the screens have operable doors for easy clean out and stacking wood. The fireplace screens sit proud of the opening with decorative side panels and top. Heat­ resistant glass ceramic panels sit just behind the imagery — top, front and sides — for safe operation and a clean look.  

Specifications: The ‘Turtle Play’ fireplace screens finish is a hand-rubbed Blackened Patina— a dramatic contrast to the bright white stucco of the fireplace. See FAQ for more information about screen design options and finishes.