Auberge du Soleil

Napa Valley, CA

The legendary Auberge du Soleil is an elegant Napa Valley boutique hotel. Its exquisite natural setting within the olive groves on the slopes of Rutherford Hill, provides a unique environment for guests to enjoy sculpture throughout the 33 acre property. 

Studio Vlock’s, ‘Harvest Moon' Fireball,  complements the contemporary architectural design of the Auberge du Soliel Spa, the intimate scale of the sun-lit courtyard and beautiful plantings. As Functional Fine Art, the Fireball elevates the metal sphere fire pit into a dramatic focal point for conversation and quiet contemplation. 

The imagery for ‘Harvest Moon’ captures the mesmerizing rhythms, geometric patterns, and soft forms that define the landscape of Napa Valley.  

But ‘Harvest Moon’ tells another story within this rich, sun-drenched canvas; there's a busy world of hidden treasures filled with butterflies and bumble bees, field mice and lady bugs. A robin catches a fat worm. The great horned owl keeps watch below a starry sky.

Specifications: The ‘Harvest Moon’ Fireball is 58” diameter. The finish is natural and weather-worn. It is designed to be wood burning or propane-fired.