Studio Vlock

Studio Vlock began with an ambitious idea for a birthday gift. 

Several years ago, I acquired two 58" diameter antique mooring buoys with the intent to repurpose them as fire sculptures. However, these weatherworn orbs with their hulking shackles were intimidating! Iconic ancient mariners with their own powerful stories to tell, I was reluctant to impose my own story on them. But I eventually did.  

This would become my first 'Fireball'. The design captured an imaginary maritime scene, hand-carved out of the massive steel shell. The surprising transparency of the carved ball revealed a magical world of wide-eyed fish, boats, anchors, giant octopus, rolling waves and soaring sea birds in a sun-filled sky. Much to my delight, the Fireball' created an endlessly engaging setting for family and friends to gather by day and with a fire at night.

As an architect, my focus has always been to engage people in a shared experience, capture an authentic sense of place, and create environments that are both functional and beautiful. Studio Vlock’s functional fine art is a natural evolution of my work as an artist; creating original sculpture that inspire memorable experiences and unique environments for social gathering, quiet reflection, and visual delight. My design canvas begins with sustainable materials and repurposed objects. Each collection of Fireballs, 'Screen Plays' and other sculptural elements tells a story—real or imagined—inspired by nature. 


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